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Did you know that Photography literally means "writing with light"?


That's right. "Photo" means "light" (photon) and "graphy" means "writing" (to graph). Anyone can write "words" or "phrases". I choose to write stories with light. As you can see in the above image, this Red-tailed hawk is drenched in the golden rays of the setting sun. It's about to get dark and hawks don't hunt at night. The debris on his beak says he's already failed to grab dinner once. This majestic bird is so intently focused on finding a meal before the sun goes down that he's unconcerned by my presence.

When I truly realized that my passion was a genuine artform, I started spending a considerable amount of time to present these "stories" in the best way possible. The result of my efforts is nothing short of glorious. I'm 100% confident your purchase will excede your expectations!

Click any image for print purchasing options. If you need a different size it's no problem. Just get in touch!

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Metallic Prints face-mounted to TruLife® Non-reflective Acrylic. The best new media for photography.

Side View of Acrylic Glass Luxury Prints

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Metallic prints create striking, some say "glamorous," prints with exceptional visual interest and depth that appeal to specifiers and professional display designers seeking a dramatic look.

• Increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors

• Excellent D-Min for clean-looking whites • Higher D-Max capability for bold, rich blacks*

• Distinctive, eye-catching, metallic look

TruLife Acrylic delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience possible, to truly reflect my vision, and nothing else.  It’s anti-reflective, abrasion resistant and anti-static. 

  • Amazing Clarity - Colors as vivid as real life

  • Anti-reflective - See your photo, not your reflection

  • 99% UV Protection – Helps protect photos from fading

  • Cleans Like Glass – No special acrylic cleaners needed

  • Glossy finish and frameless, the result is a sleek, modern look. Pieces arrive ready to hang and are equipped with an aluminum dibond backing and wood museum mount for easy installation.\

TruLife Acrylic is formulated to transmit 98% of light in the visible spectrum, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy. An unexpected advantage of this is that the reduction of light being reflected means more light illuminates the print. It uses the given light more efficiently which allows it to still "pop" on your dining room wall without turning on the chandelier. No track lighting necessary!

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Canvas Print Mockup of 60x40_Stalking Ha

60X40 Mockup of "Stalking Hawk" $375

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints are a stunning addition to your wall art collection. Gallery Wraps are printed on a Certified Archival quality canvas and hand-stretched around a sturdy wooden frame. Ready to hang right out of the box, this eye-catching Canvas Print will instantly become the centerpiece of your gallery wall.

Gallery Wraps are considered high end wall art due to their giclee printing process. The image is printed on fine art canvas material, then wrapped around a 1.5" wooden stretcher frame with wire or saw tooth mounting attached.

Archival Paper Prints

A Signed Archival Paper Print

Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique is a 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper. The exceptional smooth white tone is achieved during manufacturing by introducing natural minerals to the process. It has been developed to address the need for continued longevity requirements in the Digital Fine Art market​



For shipping outside of the US, just contact me for pricing.  Archival paper prints will arrive in  1-2 weeks. Gallery Canvas Wraps be delivered in about 2-3 weeks.  Due to the high level of craftsmanship involved in producing KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Metallic prints, please allow 3-4 weeks.

I promise it will be worth the wait!


All secure payments are currently made using PayPal. If you'd like to pay another way, I'll be happy to work with you. Just contact me here.

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